Hi there,Welcome to my website. I am Manav Sharma and currently pursuing my engineering at LKCTC.I recently took Front End Masters Bootcamp course from FrontEndMasters which focuses on web development using front-end technologies like html,css and Javascript.

I will try to update my website with the latest projects I build during this course !


Alien Blog

In this project I learned about syntax of html and styling the page with help of css to make it beafutiful.
→ Go to Alien Blog project



Alien Abduction Form

I tried to make website more attractive and interactive by recieving inputs from user using forms in html.
→ Wanna Get Abducted? SIGN Up Now!



Dog Viewer API

Fetched data from dog API and displayed images by breed.
→Let's see some cute dogs



Dog API Spinner

Displaying dogs on website with help of spinner.
→Let's see some cute dogs




Built calculator and added functionality with help of css and JavaScript.
→Calculation Time